2018 Board of Directors Candidates

We are pleased to announce the candidates for the 2018-2021 term for CFTA Director, Amy Zabel Pietz and Steve Sywak.  The two (2) candidates have been nominated by the CFTA community and approved by the CFTA Nominations Process Task Force.  

Two (2) Director seats are up for election for the 2018-2021 term.  Both candidates are outstanding individuals who bring unique and diverse capabilities to CFTA Leadership.  

An election will occur during the upcoming Conference lunch session on Wednesday, August 1st.  All voting members will be provided a ballot card during conference registration and will have the opportunity to vote during the election.  Election results will be announced during the All Member Meeting on Thursday, August 2nd where new leadership will be presented to CFTA membership.

Important Dates

January 1 - 31, 2018:  Nominations accepted
February 16, 2018:  Nominees notified
March 31, 2018:  Nominee acceptance closed
April 6, 2018:  Candidates announced
August 1, 2018:  Election during conference lunch session
August 2, 2018:  Winners announced during All Member Meeting
August 2, 2018:  New term begins

Meet the Candidates

Amy Zabel Pietz | Architect/Engineer Supervisor
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Facility Planning & Management
Amy is the Architect/Engineer Supervisor for Campus Renovation Services, the remodeling group, within Facilities Planning and Management at University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She has 22 years of experience in the field of Architecture and obtained her Architect's license in 2008.  Her professional experience encompasses both private sector and University environments.  Since coming to the University of Wisconsin, she has led the conversion from AutoCAD to Revit as a design tool for the remodeling group, paving the way to implement BIM. CFTA conventions have provided inspiration, knowledge and a road map for this transition.  An opportunity to become directly involved in the future of CFTA and contribute to its mission would be an honor and a privilege.


Steve Sywak | Information Technology Director
Georgia Tech, Facilities Management

Steve is the Information Technology Director for Facilities Management at Georgia Tech. He began his work in Higher Education in 1999 and has held several positions during that time. He leads the IT team that provides computing services and technology solutions to the varied customers in Facilities Management. Steve has spearheaded the implementation of many new programs and/or systems within the department. His latest endeavor focuses on asset management in the built environment and full life cycle management of buildings and infrastructure, utilizing IWMS, BIM, GIS and other systems. IoT, big data and data analytics are buzzwords commonly used in the IT world. Steve is leading the effort to not only integrate data from many of the siloed database systems into a single platform, but also architecting a solution to capture and analyze the millions of available sensor data points across the university campus buildings. He has been working in the technology field for more than twenty years, with a relentless pursuit of service excellence.  Whether it is providing an energy dashboard solution or a technical resource, Steve and his team are committed to providing superior customer service.