2016 Campus FM Professionals' Salary Survey Report


This 2016 Campus FM Technology Professionals' Salary Survey was developed to provide CFTA membership and its constituents with comparable salary information of campus FM technology professionals working in the Higher Education sector of the marketplace, whose work supports facilities management and its daily operations. The survey results will also be used by CFTA Leadership to better understand the composition of the membership in order to design programs that would benefit a diverse cross section of professionals. The published report is provided to CFTA members at no cost and to non-members for a nominal fee.

Survey Components

This survey was comprised of five sections.  All questions were optional.  Read the survey spec sheet for an overview of survey questions.

I.   Institution Overview
II.  Department Overview
III. Employee Professional Profile
IV. Employee Skills & Responsibilities
V.  Additional Comments


Any personal information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.  Your input will only be used in combination with the responses of others participating in the survey and disseminated as a metric in a final report.  The purpose of this survey is to examine the opinions of groups of respondents.  Your individual responses will not be shown in the final report.

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