How will my complimentary memberships be applied?

Your organization's communication contact lead will receive a message from [email protected] by mid-June confirming renewals.  After renewals are confirmed, a special code will be sent for your new members to sign on and complete their membership profile. 

How do my member attendees register for the virtual conference under the complimentary registrations allotted?

Your organization's renewed and new members will be registered for the conference by CFTA administration. In July, registered attendees will receive an email inviting them to build their profile in the platform and start networking. 

What if I have used all of my complimentary registrations? 

The cost for the virtual conference registration is $50.00.

What do I need to know for the Diamond sponsor 10-15 minute Solution on Campus session?

  • This is an opportunity to share your valuable solution to CFTA members and conference attendees. The pre-recorded video can consist of a solution featuring a campus case study, user group, new product feature etc. 

  • Session must be pre-recorded and not exceed 15 minutes. Final edited videos should be in MP4 format. 

  • Please submit the name of the session, general description, and presenter information using the abstract submission form here no later than July 1, 2021.

  • Please send the final edited video to [email protected] no later than July 19, 2021.

When will I get access to build my profile on the platform?

Please refer to the sponsorship matrix for the timeframe to access and build your sponsor business partner profile. 

Can I add contacts to our business partner exhibitor profile in the platform?

Only registered business partner attendees can be added to your profile. 

Why isn't my business name listed as a CFTA Business Partner on the webpage?

New sponsors who register for the next conference are advertised on the front page of the CFTA website.  Registered sponsors will receive verbal and digital exposure throughout the conference. The CFTA  business partner webpage will be updated following the conference.  

Will I have access to the conference attendee list? 

We encourage you to connect and network within the virtual conference platform either on your desktop or mobile device.  All registered attendees and sponsors will have access to the platform prior to the conference dates. 

How can I become a  sponsor? 

Please check out the sponsor information page on how to become a sponsor and join the CFTA community.