CFTA Annual Conference

CFTA constituents have been organizing and attending our annual conferences since 1990. Our conferences bring together a broad range of professionals who develop, support, manage and use a wide range of technologies to plan, build, and manage their campus facilities.  The fact that CFTA conferences bring together both technicians and administrators from all professional and technical levels of attending organizations gives conference attendees unique opportunities to collaborate and build common visions among campus leaders and their staff members.

CFTA conferences provide a forum through which managers and users of BIM, GIS, CAD, campus mapping, electronic document management, space management, IWMS and other technologies can: 

  • Hear technical solutions and management approaches that peer institutions are using to address FM technology-related business issues.

  • Explore and stay abreast of new technologies and related consulting services developed and used by exhibitors, sponsors, and professional organizations.

  • Renew old friendships and meet peers from institutional campuses from across the United States and other countries.

  • Hear industry speakers and knowledgeable representatives of colleges and universities, governmental agencies, healthcare, and many other institutions that share common interests in the application of FM technologies on their campuses.

  • Build or broaden professional networks that will benefit facilities professionals long after the conferences are over.

  • Join other attendees from similar disciplines and organizations in sharing and helping one another deal with common challenges.


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