2017 Campus Foundation Systems Survey


CFTA is surveying campuses on the foundation systems they use to manage functional areas of their institution's workplace resources.  The survey results will be published as a report to CFTA members at no cost and to non-members for a nominal fee.  This survey closed May 15, 2017.  Due to skewed results, report will not be published.  CFTA members may add their systems to their profile and review other member information.  CFTA plans to publish annual reports of membership systems beginning in 2019.

Survey Components

The survey is comprised of seven (7) sections. Campuses are encouraged to have multiple individuals in their organization complete the survey. Submitting a survey for select sections is acceptable. Participants should complete the functional area sections for the workplace management systems they are experienced with.

FUNCTIONAL AREAS: Each section is comprised of two parts: 1) System Listing 2) Feedback. If you cannot offer feedback but know your system, please provide that information. All information is valuable. Each section is estimated to take 2-5 minutes, depending on your level of feedback.

I.   Functional area: Real Estate & Property Management
II.  Functional area: Capital Planning & Project Management
III. Functional area: Facilities & Space Management
IV. Functional area: Maintenance Management
V.  Functional area: Sustainability & Energy Management
VI. Functional area: Document Management
VII. Organization Information