CFTA Webinar Support

The Campus FM Technologies Association hosts webinars where campus members, sponsored non-members, and business partner sponsors present on their solutions.  These webinars are made available for free to both CFTA members and non-members.  All online resources are provided by CFTA but the webinars are organized and moderated by a hosting institution.  Volunteering for CFTA webinar support is a great opportunity to not only learn web meeting tools, but it shows your "above and beyond" commitment to growing as an industry professional.  All submissions are reviewed by the CFTA Board.  If selected, host receives a one-year CFTA membership that includes full member benefits.

Opportunities for hosting webinars include:

  1. Develop a Webinar Series - this may be a general FM Geospatial Technology Series or something more focused or of interest to you (e.g. see our Topics of Interest page for ideas)
      • Develop presenter list
      • Work with CFTA Leadership to develop agenda and published materials
      • Moderate sessions
      • Send webinar reminders on the ListServ
  2. Website Moderation - Complete the form below and your name will be added to a list.  If contacted, you will receive a complimentary CFTA membership as a benefit for supporting the Association in this capacity.  Responsibilities include:
      • Navigating the GoTo Webinar Administration interface
      • Scheduling practice sessions with presenters
      • Using the GoTo webinar meeting tools to record the webinar and facilitate smooth operation of LIVE presentations