CFTA webinars are scheduled LIVE and recorded public events offering opportunities to learn about solutions and best practices in our industry. Recorded webinars can be archived and made available to the public.  Use the links below to view archived webinars as well as to learn about currently scheduled webinars.  Future webinars are also listed on the CFTA Event Calendar.

Webinar presentations from both CFTA campus members and campus non-members are encouraged, however non-members should be sponsored by a CFTA member or business partner sponsor.  Webinars are made available for free to CFTA campus members.  If you would like to volunteer to present on your solution or efforts, or wish to sponsor someone else to present, please fill out this campus webinar submission form.

CFTA Sponsored Webinars

As a thank you to our sponsored business partners, CFTA offers you the benefit of a CFTA sponsored webinar.  Sponsored webinars may also be purchased by our business partners to expand their reach to our members throughout the year.  Learn more about this great benefit.

Webinar Hosting and Moderation

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   Members have access to the most recent year's conference recordings, accessible
   by logging in and navigating the "My CFTA" menu for our Archives web page.


View the CFTA YouTube channel for our public webinars. 



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