Task Forces

Our Task Forces exist to serve as mechanisms for change within the Association.  Since CFTA is a volunteer-based organization, it relies on the participation of its community to help define long-reaching goals and evolve to meet them.  

Listed below are our current, Board approved Task Forces.  Are you passionate about something that you feel CFTA should be a body of knowledge of?  If so, you are encouraged to contact us to learn how you can be a steward of CFTA and use our resources to meet shared goals.  Read the CFTA Task Force Guidelines to learn about what's involved.

Business Partner Task Force

The CFTA Business Partner Task Force was founded in 2015.  It is comprised of active CFTA business partners that serve to guide the Association with what it offers CFTA business partners in terms of membership benefits and equity across membership levels. 

George Dailey, Esri , CHAIR

Chuck Mies, Autodesk, Inc.

Glenn Seehausen, ACAD-Plus, Inc.

Terry Cline, tsaAdvet


Conference Planning Task Force

The CFTA Conference Planning Task Force was established in 2016 and is comprised of members that help plan the Campus FM Technology Association's annual conference and make recommendations on conference programs, vendors, activities, promotions, and materials. The Conference Task Force includes active CFTA members from CFTA Leadership, the hosting institution, and the previous years' hosting institution.

Steve Lacy, University of Wisconsin - Madison Host , CONFERENCE CHAIR

Michelle Ellington, CFTA President, Program Chair, Web Admin

Elizabeth Goetz, CFTA Secretary, Registration Chair, Publication Chair

Phil Martin, Adviser, 2016 Conference Hosting Organization, UC Boulder


Grant Review Task Force   

The CFTA Grant Review Task Force was established in 2016 to help institutions gain new knowledge that they can disseminate to the CFTA community.  This task force provides a mechanism for members to submit grants that, if approved, will afford participation at events that the member may not have been able to attend otherwise.  The grant recipient will provide a white paper on their participation that will be published to CFTA members and constituents at no cost.  Submissions are judged on their value to our members and ability to serve as a change agent in the advancement of campus FM technologies.

Jessica ValentiUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell, CHAIR

Elizabeth Goetz, University of Colorado - Boulder

Michelle EllingtonUniversity of Kentucky


Nominations Process Task Force   

The Nomination Process Task Force was established in 2016 to facilitate the CFTA Leadership nominations process.  This task force ensures positions are secured in accordance with CFTA Bylaws.  The responsibilities of this task force include soliciting nominations, contacting nominees, tallying accepted nominees, and organizing the voting procedure at the CFTA All Member Meeting during the annual conference.

Susan Sauerwein, University of Maryland, CHAIR

Elizabeth Goetz, University of Colorado - Boulder

Michelle EllingtonUniversity of Kentucky


Outreach Task Force   

The CFTA Outreach Task Force was established in 2016 and serves to promote Association news, events, and activities in an effort to strengthen and enhance the community it serves. Association information is disseminated via established CFTA social networking platforms, which currently includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The Chair is appointed by the CFTA President and serves in the role of CFTA Social Media Coordinator and primary social media voice for the Association.

Michelle Kiesewetter, Illinois State University, CHAIR


Surveys & Reports Task Force   

The Survey & Reports Task Force was established in 2015  to develop surveys and reports in the following areas: Salaries, Org Structure, System Implementations, and Standards.  These published works will enable our collective voice to reach a broader audience of practitioners and management nationwide.

Jon Gibb, Dixie State University, CHAIR

Monty Combs, Brown University

Susan Baumgartner, University of Colorado - Boulder


Systems Administration Task Force   

The Systems Administration Task Force was established in 2016.  Members of this task force build and maintain all systems needed to run the CFTA organization, including the content management system, website content, conference registration and other organizational forms, conference app, and support members with login issues.

Michelle Ellington, University of Kentucky, CHAIR

Jade Freeman, Michigan State University