Project Showcase Award 

The Awards Task Force is excited to announce the inaugural Project Showcase Award.  This is an opportunity to showcase the incredible work that you do at the same time share your knowledge with the CFTA community.  

Contact for general questions: Naveed Ahmed, CFTA Awards Task Force Chair
University of Arizona
[email protected]



  1. Review Materials  -  Read the following resources to prepare your Project Showcase submittal
    1. Instructions (this page)
    2. Policies and Rules
    3. Application Overview

  2. Verify Minimum Requirements  -  Confirm that your Project Showcase submittal meets all requirements detailed on the Policies and Rules web page.

  3. Prepare Application Materials  -
    1. Application  -  Review the Application Overview web page  to help you prepare  to submit your Project Showcase Award Application using the outlined criteria:
      1. Innovation (40%)
      2. Impact (30%)
      3. Adaption / Relevance (30%)
    2.  Slideshow Presentation  -  Create a ten-minute presentation that will be used by the award recipient to showcase the winning project at the CFTA Awards Ceremony.  Note: all presentations  will be made available via the CFTA website  and showcased on a Project Showcase web page. 
    3. Supporting Information [OPTIONAL]  -  Provide additional supporting documentation  to highlight your project to the Awards Task Force members for consideration in the evaluation of your project submission.  Supporting documents may include photos, videos, reports, testimonials, etc. 

  4. Submit Your Information  -  Utilize the CFTA Project Showcase Award website (submit button above) to upload your submittals by the specified deadline.  During the application process you will be prompted to submit your slideshow and optional supporting documents.  Slideshows larger than 25MB cannot be uploaded.  For large file submissions, upload your slideshow to your personal file-sharing resource and email a download link to [email protected]