CFTA Strategic Plan

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Dear CFTA Community,

To be truly successful today, we must honor our history and learn from the lessons of our predecessors. Established in 1990, originally as the National Collegiate CAD Conference (NCCC) to bring campus CAD users together, the Campus FM Technology Association has witnessed a variety of FM technologies come and go. Presently at 29 years old, our association’s strength was built by the many evolutions of leadership, relationships and service offerings throughout the decades.

Today I am proud to add another historical milestone to our legacy, presenting our Five-Year Strategic Plan for the CFTA community.

Beginning in 2017, the strategic planning process and its subsequent development is now complete.  The effort undertaken involved both public and private surveys, focused leadership meetings, consultations with industry experts, and thorough document development. Intentionally designed to reflect the collective views of the Board of Directors, officers, members, and constituents, this plan presents a combined vision for how CFTA may grow to best support the community at which it is designed to serve.

Just as our members must continually learn to use new technologies and be flexible to apply different techniques, CFTA must also adapt and provide service offerings that align with the needs of today’s campus FM professionals. Through this strategic planning initiative, CFTA will dedicate its focus to design service offerings that are intended to best support members’ needs, while equipping future leadership with the necessary tools to be successful.

I believe the 2019-2024 plan presents a shared vision for the future - one that will successfully guide us to meet our mission while staying true to CFTA’s core values.


Michelle Ellington, President
Campus FM Technology Association