Conference Presenter Instructions

Presentation Guidelines

  • Estimate 45 minutes for presentation time including Q&A.  

  • Business Partner presentations should be either 1) organized and presented with a campus client or 2) an informational presentation on a subject of interest without sales solicitation.  Presentations with a Campus Member will be considered for the 2024 Ellington Innovation Award

 Setup Instructions

  • Come to your session early for ample setup time.  Keep watch of the time to not go over your allotted session time.

  • Conference session locations will be equipped with a screen, projector, and microphone (when applicable). Bring a presentation remote (clicker), if desired.

  • Reliable Public WiFi will be available

  • We will NOT be audio or video recording sessions. 

The Ellington Innovation Award will be awarded at the conference and voted on by your peers.  Session presentations, excluding keynotes, by CFTA Campus Members and CFTA Campus Members presenting jointly with CFTA Business Partners will be eligible to win the award by showcasing their innovative solution, project, and expertise.  Find out more here!


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