CFTA Leadership 

The CFTA Board of Directors is comprised of four Officers and five Directors. They meet monthly using web-based technologies to plan the Association's needs and more often when the annual conference is approaching. These volunteers are passionate about CFTA and are dedicated to meeting its mission.

Directors serve for a three (3) year term with no limits.  President serves a two (2) years term with a limit of two (2) consecutive terms. Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer serve for a three (3) year term with a limit of two (2) consecutive terms. The President Elect serves one year prior to their term as President. Immediate Past President serves for one year after their term as President completes.

If you are interested in being considered for a board position submit a willingness to serve, or would like to nominate someone else, please complete this online form.

Leadership history



DeVon C. Miller, BCxP, LEED AP

Building Commissioning Specialist
Facilities Management
Western Michigan University
[email protected]
2022 - 2024


Pamela Locke 

FIS Manager 
Facilities Information/Planning, Design & Construction
University of Massachusetts Lowell 
[email protected]
2023 - 2025


Joe Porostosky
Facilities Information & Technology Services
The Ohio State University 
[email protected]

2022 - 2025

Deborah Massaro 
GIS / Digital Information Manager
FIS, Facilities and Construction
Austin Community College
[email protected]
2023 - 2025 

Gabriel Armas
Asset Systems Development Manager
Planning, Operations, and Construction 
Pepperdine University      
2021 - 2024

Jeremy Smith 
Director of Enterprise Space Information Management 
Enterprise Space Information Management (ESIM)
Carnegie Mellon University 
2023 - 2026

Dr. Jennifer McCarthy 
Executive Director of Space Management 
Space Management 
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) 

2023 - 2026

Chad Cavanaugh 
FIS Manager
Systems and Services 
Brown University

2022 - 2024 

Julius Ray Paulo
GIS Coordinator 
Office of Systems Integration
University of Hawai‘i 
2022  - 2025

  Nicholas Burns 
  GIS Specialist
  Facilities Information Systems
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  2023 - 2026


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