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CFTA members represent a diverse group of professionals dedicated to using FM technologies to better manage campus facilities.

The unique identity of the Campus FM Technology Association (CFTA) exists in the experience and ingenuity of its members and their willingness to use their knowledge to serve one another through sharing and collaboration. The Association focuses on the development, integration, and application of technology across multiple disciplines in the planning, maintenance, and management of campus facilities. Learn More

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CFTA respects our partners and our partners respect our members.  With your dollars and impact, together we are able to offer valuable educational opportunities to campus FM professionals that, in the end, help us all succeed.

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There are many benefits that come with a CFTA membership including members-only access to our conference session recordings and CFTA hosted webinars for our sponsoring business partners.

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CFTA offers many resources that aim to connect our members and enable knowledge-base discussions that support the advancement of FM technologies.  

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