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CFTA Business Partner Solutions Showcase  

   Date:  October 6, 2015
   Time:  1pm - 1:30pm (Eastern Time)

Going from CAD to GIS – the Open Spatial solution

 Colin Hobson



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2015 FM GeoTech Showcase

“This is outstanding! – Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham, UMass-Amherst

 “What a fantastic initiative!” – Fred Mechini, Global Facilities Management Services

 “Nice work throwing this together!” – Daniel Sward, UMinnesota

 “Bravo to CFTA, U of KY, and the array of presenters/practitioners.
This will provide a great kick-off to the new year and the months ahead. Very valuable.  I look forward to putting on my learning cap.” – George Dailey, Esri

 “This is great… I look forward to it…” – Juan Torres, UCSanFran

 “This is amazing!   Congratulations to everyone who contributed to pulling together this remarkable webinar series.” – Michael Hardy, Penbay

 “I completely agree. I am looking forward to this series!” – Bill Barnhart, Kansas City Med Center

 “This is sooo awesome!  I am sending right now to a list of over 100 federal facilities folks!” – John Young, Esri

 “This Showcase sounds great!” – Christie Eakins, UNC-Wilmington

 “Several of us at Indiana University are planning to attend the CFTA webinars, BRAVO” – Tim Hansel, Indiana University


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 CFTA Business Partner Solutions Showcase


Going from CAD to GIS – the Open Spatial solution



Open Spatial provides a unique set of software and services that bridge the gap between CAD and GIS. This presentation will show the data capture/editing tools and data presentation, distribution and reporting. Examples of work done on other campuses will be used in illustrating the efficiency and effectiveness of the solutions.

Colin Hobson

Colin Hobson - Director, North America

Colin is the Sales Director for North America and has been a Director of Munsys Inc. since 2005 and is currently a Director of Open Spatial. Colin has been in the GIS industry for over 20 years, including 9 years at Autodesk in California as Technical, Product and Senior Manager. Prior to that Colin was Product Manager at Automated Methods in South Africa where he was also active in the GIS industry in South Africa as Chairman of the Transvaal GIS association and Founding member of the Association for Geographic Information in South Africa. Colin has a Master of Science in Geography from Rhodes University where he was on the staff and lectured in Biogeography and started the Honors GIS program.

Colin has a deep knowledge of GIS including, technical, product and industry experiences on numerous GIS projects and corporate deployments. His passion is enabling organizations benefit from new efficiencies by using appropriate technologies and work flows.



We are pleased to announce the CFTA Business Partner Solutions Showcase This webinar series runs from September through December featuring 30-minute LIVE webinars by our Business Partners & 1-hour webinar's from our Diamond Sponsor Business Partners.

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