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The voting membership of Campus FM Technology Association includes staff members of non-commercial institutions who plan, develop, maintain, and manage campus infrastructures. Our membership also includes business partners who provide commercial services to CFTA's constituents.  The development, implementation, management, and use of tools of technology are at the center of our members' interests.

Our members range from technical staff to middle and upper-level management.  The broad range of experiences and concerns of CFTA members bring strength to the association and fosters understanding between individuals with differing experiences and responsibilities.

As a benefit of membership in Campus FM Technology Association, members of CFTA have access to the on-line membership directory.  CFTA encourages its members to form friendships and strong professional networks.alt  The on-line membership directory helps members stay in touch with their peers at campuses around the world.

Access to the on-line membership directory of Campus FM Technology Association is provided to members only via Member Login. Information contained in the membership directory is not to be used for mass marketing to CFTA members.

CFTA encourages all members to keep their contact information up to date by logging in as members and editing their profiles at My CFTA Profile.  Only basic contact information is made available through the on-line directory.  If supplied by members, home telephone numbers and cell phone numbers are available only to CFTA administrators.


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