Ellington Innovation Award Application Overview

You will be asked to provide the following information on the application:

  • Primary Contact information
    • First & last name
    • Phone / Email
    • Title
    • Name of institution
    • Address

  • Project information
    • Name
    • Location
    • Budget
    • Start date
    • Completion date ( must have been completed within the last three years)

  • Abstract (no character limit)
    • Provide an executive summary of the project being submitted for the CFTA Ellington Innovation Award.  Please include an overview of the project, the project team, the objectives and success criteria, technologies utilized to execute the project, methodology used to complete the project, lessons learned from the project implementation, and any other highlights worth noting.

  • Innovation - 40% weighting  (no character limit)
    • Describe in detail the project's level of innovation, creativity, and cleverness.  How is this project unique and original?  Be sure to address all of the items below that are applicable to your project as these will be used in the evaluation of your project. 1) Innovation described in detail 2) Creativity described in detail 3) Project uniqueness and originality is fully explained. 
  • Impact - 30% weighting  (no character limit)
    • Describe how the project directly benefits the institution and its customers, including specific requirements solved.  Provide the extent of the benefits and documents results and outcomes for all of the items below that are applicable to your project as these will be used in the evaluation of your project. 1) The scope of the impact is clearly described/defined for end users, departmental, and/or organizational level, and the specific business requirements solved are well documented; 2) The customer impact is clearly described/defined detailing how this project improves the customer experience, and/or; 3) The economic impact is clearly defined detailing the Return on Investment (ROI) or financial savings, as well as any time savings, work efficiency, and/or effectiveness experienced by faculty, staff, and students.  
  • Adaptability - 30% weighting  (no character limit)
    • Describe how your project solution may be adaptable or transferable into other environments.  To what degree is your project solution able to be implemented  without extensive customization, unique software, and/or coding?  Describe in detail how the project fulfills all of the items below that are applicable to your project as these will be used in the evaluation of your project. 1) Solves business requirements widely experienced by other institutions; 2) Uses standards or commonly available tools, 3) Specific relevance of project to CFTA members, and/or; 4) Efforts to make the project outcomes available to other institutions (i.e. presentation(s), publications, etc...).

  • Slideshow Presentation
    • Create a ten-minute presentation that will be used by the award recipient to showcase the winning project at the CFTA Awards Ceremony.  Note: all presentations will be made available via the CFTA website and showcased on a Ellington Innovation Award web page.

  • Supporting Information [OPTIONAL]
    • Provide additional supporting documentation to highlight your project to the Awards Task Force members for consideration in the evaluation of your project submission.  Supporting documents may include photos, videos, reports, testimonials, etc. 

Contact for general questions:  

DeVon Miller, Western Michigan University, CFTA Secretary 
Monty Combs, Harvard Medical School, CFTA Treasurer 

Ann Hollins, CFTA Executive Director