CFTA Testimonials 



Sue A. Stewart
CFTA President and 2019 CFTA Conference Local Host
Senior IT Manager
University of Texas at Austin
Technology Resources

The annual CFTA conference provides a platform for networking with other universities as attendees share the same goals and challenges.  The presentations are top-notch and always spark new ideas about how I can solve problems or enhance operations within my own institution. 

The University of Texas at Austin is very excited for the opportunity to host CFTA’s 2019 annual conference as this allows us to showcase our university, strengthen our community bonds, further collaboration, and generate positivity and synergy. 

We welcome the opportunity to share the wonderful things about our campus and staff with the CFTA community.

Hook ‘em!



Michelle Ellington 
CFTA Immediate Past President
GIS Coordinator
University of Kentucky
Facilities Information Services

CFTA is a conduit for innovation and smart campus design built on a foundation of friendships and respect for our partners.  Our people are in the trenches of technology advancements, working together to design and implement the tools to better analyze our digital campus so we can most efficiently maintain our physical one.




Monty Combs
CFTA Treasurer
Director of Systems & Services 
Brown University
Facilities Management

CFTA strives to be the first source for Facilities professionals to turn to when seeking to implement technology to solve business challenges. We all benefit from the collective experience of our members by openly sharing best practices and lessons learned.”




DeVon Miller
CFTA Director
Building Commissioning Specialist
Western Michigan University
Facilities Management

I really enjoy being part of the CFTA organization.  It’s a great opportunity to network with colleagues at other higher educational institutions and business partners at our annual conference.  In addition, we’re able to share knowledge about our achievements as well as barriers in the campus environment as it relates to BIM, GIS, space management, document management, etc.  The one thing that I can honestly say is the members of the CFTA organization genuinely want to help each other in this growing technological environment.




Steve Sywak
CFTA Director
Director – Information Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology
Facilities Management 

The true value of CFTA is the willingness of campus members to SHARE their knowledge and experiences. Couple that with great business partners who are eager to answer questions or help solve a problem -- The synergies are amazing!  You can FEEL the ENERGY!!




Ray Garrett
CFTA Director
Information Services - Senior Manager
University of Michigan
Utilities Records Integration

’If you fulfill your obligations every day you don't need to worry about the future.'

The relationships and knowledge gained as a member of the CFTA helps me fulfill my responsibilities and obligations as a University of Michigan employee. The collaboration and education assist me in being a good, forward-thinking steward of GIS, Document Management and BIM information. The CFTA helps MAKE BLUE GO.




Amy Zabel Pietz
CFTA Director
Architect/Engineer Supervisor
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Facility Plan
ning & Management

I was hooked on BIM after my first CFTA conference.  The inspiration, knowledge and visionary information presented at the annual conferences, laid the foundation and developed a road map for the University of Wisconsin - Madison’s BIM initiative.  CFTA is my go-to for all facilities related technology.




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