Conference - Keynote Speakers

CFTA is pleased to announce the following 2019 conference keynote speakers!

Lynn Allen, Featured Keynote

In her 20-year career as Technology Evangelist, Lynn Allen has spoken to more than a half million professionals at events in over 50 countries throughout the world. Her online presentations and videos have easily reached over five million people over the years. For over 20 years she wrote a column for Cadalyst magazine and is the voice behind the popular Cadalyst videos –“Tips and Tricks with Lynn Allen”. A sought-after public speaker with a unique comedic style, Lynn served as the Emcee/Host of Autodesk University, a 10,000 person event, for over 10 years and is always one of the highest rated speakers at multiple design and software events. Her passion and strength is connecting with people and shining a light on new technology. 

The author of three technology books, Lynn has over 21,000 followers on Twitter with over a quarter million impressions every month.  She has received numerous awards for her contributions to the Design and Technology communities. Lynn has also provided the keynote at many STEM conferences and is very focused on showing our youth they can positively change the world through technology.


Planon Blue Ribbon Panel

What makes up a Campus of the Future? Who uses it? And what technology tools will the real estate and facility management teams need to provide the right experience for a campus of the future?

Planon has brought together a team of experts in the higher education field from across the United States to discuss just that. These panelists represent some of the brightest and most enthusiastic minds in the facility management and real estate world of Higher Education. They bring years of expertise and leadership to this important discussion. The panel will be releasing a report on their researching and findings later this year. They are set to present as a panel at the Planon User Conference in Chicago in June. THE PANEL'S NEXT STOP IS LIVE ON STAGE AT THE CFTA CONFERENCE IN AUSTIN, TX. 

More about the Blue Ribbon Panel:

The goal of the Blue Ribbon Panel is to: together, define the minimum set of requirements necessary within a campus management software solution to support the users of the smart campus of the future.  Participants on the panel at CFTA'19 include:

  • Larry Barkley, Managing Partner at Barkley Consulting Group
  • Gretchen Tucker, Facilities Information Services, University of Kentucky
  • Fred Guelen, President of North American Operations at Planon
  • Moderator: David Karpook, VP of Operations at Planon


Carlo Agnello, Regional Sales Manager - ARC Facilities

Carlo brings 15+ years of leadership experience to ARC, including SaaS roles at Salesforce and LinkedIn.  His expertise lies in building out regions and expanding team productivity, performance and success. He has established partnerships with ARC's largest customers to grow its innovative facilities solutions for the built space. 


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