Mission, Vision and Core Values

The identity of the Campus FM Technology Association exists in the combined talent and experience of its members and their willingness to use their knowledge to serve one another through sharing and collaboration.  The unique character of the Association lies in its focus on the development and application of the tools of technology across multiple disciplines for the planning, development, maintenance, and management of campus facilities.  It is our mission to serve our members and society at large by facilitating the success of our constituents.


Connecting professionals to share ideas and information that improve the management of campus facilities.


Be the professional association recognized as the community authority on the application of technology in campus FM (Facilities Management) enterprises.

Core Values

CFTA has three core values to guide its plans, decisions and actions:

  1. Sharing & Collaborating - By passionately sharing information and working together we challenge each other to improve and achieve the highest level of professional excellence.
  2. Connectivity - Invest in relationships that effectively lead to innovative solution designs and strategies to meet the changing frontiers of campus FM technologies.
  3. Respect - Show respect for campuses of all sizes, respect for different solution strategies, respect for business partners.

Our Partners