Host a CFTA Conference

The Campus FM Technologies Association holds an annual conference where both our campus members and business partners meet to engage in activities that align with CFTA's mission.  The conference is funded 100% by CFTA, however, the location changes yearly and relies on a hosting campus to work with the CFTA Conference Planner and CFTA Board of Directors to bring the event to life.  

There are many benefits to being a hosting campus.  Not only are you supporting CFTA and the goals of the Association but you are bringing an event to your backyard that grows awareness for the work you do. By eliminating the need to travel, training costs are reduced for your attending staff, which brings even more value-add for serving as a conference host.  Local host are allotted a set amount of complimentary and discounted conference passes as a token of appreciation for your dedication to CFTA. 

Please fill out and submit a willingness to host if you are interested in serving as a conference host.

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