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View our membership brochure to learn how Campus FM Technology Association (CFTA) connects a diverse community of FM tech professionals to better manage campus facilities.

Campus FM Technology Association includes staff members of non-commercial institutions who plan, develop, maintain, and manage campus infrastructures. Our membership also includes business partners who provide commercial services to CFTA's constituents.  The development, implementation, management, and use of tools of technology are at the center of our members' interests.

Our members range from technical staff to middle and upper-level management.  The broad range of experiences and concerns of CFTA members bring strength to the association and fosters understanding between individuals with differing experiences and responsibilities.

CFTA strives to provide unparalleled value to its members in return for their involvement in association activities.  

Professional Network 

When you become a member of Campus FM Technology Association you associate yourself with a growing number of campus professionals who are dedicated toward helping each other succeed in their respective jobs and responsibilities.  Through CFTA, members connect to peers and establish relationships with a large cross-section of professionals with various levels of development, support, technical, and managerial responsibilities and experience.

Membership Directory

All CFTA Campus Members and Business Partners have access to CFTA's on-line membership directory. Members may search the membership directory while logged in as an active member. Members can seek out members in similar job roles, by shared software solutions, and more. This is an important tool that CFTA provides to its members to enable them to build and maintain professional networks with their peers.  

Community Member Forum

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The Member Forum is an active engagement resource for members only to share valuable information, knowledge, resources and exchange ideas. Important CFTA information will also be shared to keep up with the latest community news and events. Members can create a new topic, favorite a topic, and reply within each forum. This is the where the deep dive and discussion will continue online around the CFTA Water Cooler.  

Annual Conference 

The CFTA Annual Conference is hosted by CFTA in partnership with an affiliated member university and offers opportunities to present on your successful implementations, learn from other universities, seek expertise from our business partners, as well as network with others in the FM industry. You will grow relationships that will last a lifetime.  

Video Archive and LIVE Webinars 

CFTA members have unlimited access to our live webinars, published reports, and conference videos for free. CFTA Business Partners share a wealth of knowledge and we are grateful for their support. Check out the CFTA Events Calendar for future programming. 

Virtual Water Cooler Conversations 

The CFTA Water Cooler Conversations give members a virtual outlet to connect, share ideas, and best practices with peers in FM Tech, as if they were catching up by the office water cooler. The monthly topic of discussion is chosen in advance and led by active CFTA members in a casual format through Zoom.  Registration invitations are sent in advance each month to active members only.  Please email [email protected] if you are interested in leading a topic. 

GIS Guild  

The CFTA GIS Guild is a growing group of CFTA campus members interested in space for open, free-flowing discussions of topics pertaining to GIS, Drones/UAS, and other Geospatial Technologies.  To join the GIS Guild, click here.

Job Board 

The CFTA Job Board gives members the opportunity to share job opportunities and adds an additional resource for professional career growth in the field of FM technology.  Easily accessible and free to all CFTA members, the job board is also available for the public to share job opportunities for a nominal fee.

Future Benefits

The Association's leadership team is continuously looking for ways and means to increase the value CFTA provides to its constituents.  As the Association grows, so can the services it provides.  If you have an idea on possible benefits CFTA should consider offering, please contact us


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